Introduction of injectable contraceptives in NFPP.

Introduction of injectable contraceptives in NFPP.

Family planning & the reach of public health services is an important issue in India.

The Health Ministry is in the process of introducing injectable contraceptives in the NFPP (National Family Planning Programme).


(i) It will expand the basket of choices available to women for family planning.

(ii) It will help in delaying first birth as well as for the spacing between the births.


(i) The injectable contraceptive, DMPA (Depot Medoxy Progesterone Acetate) is known to have adverse effects.

The way forward:

□ Male vasectomy (sterilisation) takes place very less in India. It is less than 1% (0.3% to be exact). So, as far as family planning is concerned the burden lies on women which reflects the patriarchal mindset of the society as female sterilisation is complex & costly.

□ The Health Ministry should ensure delivery of oral contraceptives like condoms at affordable prices to all.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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