What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

What is Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)?

DSC is the electronic form of the physical certificates which can be used to authenticate the identity electronically.

What is the need of DSC?

It can be used for:

~ e-Tendering

~ e- Procurement

~ e- filing of IT returns by individuals & organisations

~ e- filing for RoC

~ Patent filing

~ Trademark filing, etc.

Who can issue DSC?

DSC can be issued ONLY through CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities), GoI or through licensed RAs (Registered Authorities).

Is it secure?

A DSC has two keys: public & private keys. Private key is password which is known only to the individual & hence the document cannot be encrypted until & unless both keys are known i.e. without the will of the individual.

DSCs are categorised as class 0, class 1, class 2 & class 3 in India.

Does it points to revolution?

Yes, as it will lead to better governance & ease of doing business. Getting approval from various ministries will become far more easy. The current processes will become more expeditious.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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