AAI ATC Interview 2017 Special.

AAI ATC Interview 2017 Special.

□ Why do you want to join AAI as ATC?

The job of ATC is very challenging. There is no scope for errors. The job requires the ATCs to be very responsible & committed. It truly matches with one of the definition of Yoga, “Perfection in Action is Yoga”.

The very nature of the job of ATC being dynamic makes me passionate to go for it.

(Possible cross-questions: International Yoga day~ 21st June, Eight components of Yoga by Patanjali ~ Yamas, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dhyan & Samadhi)

□ What is the role of ATC?

ATCs are posted on one of the units of ATC i.e.

Tower Control: are responsible for safe arrival & departure of the airplanes. Tower controllers decide who will use the runway~ arriving airplane or the departing airplane.

Surface Movement Control: ATCs give instructions to the pilots for safe arrival & departure of flights on how to reach their parking area.

Area Control: ATCs help pilots en route between airports.

So, ATCs are responsible for safe & speedy flow of air traffic.

□ What are the skills required to work as an ATC?

~ Multitasking (making calculations, visualising, conversing with pilots, etc.)

~ Team Member  (as you will need to coordinate with other units as well)

~ Decision making (quick & efficient)

~ Problem solving

~ concentrating while working at odd hours (you will have to work at night shifts)

□ Why should we hire you?

I’m hard-working, disciplined, quick-learner, responsible & a team player.

□ Tell me about DISHA project?

DISHA project has been launched by AAI.

DISHA = Driving Improvement in Service & Hospitality at Airports. It is currently implemented at 10 airports.

It aims to improve customer service by improving the queueing time, airport facilities, affordable food & beverages, etc.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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