How to answer “why there is few years of gap after graduation” in an interview?

How to answer “why there is few years of gap after graduation” in an interview?

This blog post is with reference to govt. job/PSUs/PSBs interview.

There is no need to feel insecure about having a gap of 2-3 years after your graduation when appearing for interview.

You are as genius, talented & deserving as others. May be more deserving.

Because, you are brave and were looking for better opportunities & didn’t settled for some shitty option to just “show to the world that you are earning something”.

The more important thing is that you didn’t compromised with your dreams & remained focused & determined even in most devastating situations & circumstances.

□ Interview is just the test of personality. If you could clear the written examination & reach to the interview, it reflects your will-power & determination~ a must have personality trait.

□ You will score better if you could confidently say that you were only focusing on better opportunities & were working hard for them & ignored every other”option for which your inner-soul” was not convinced to.

To further support your answer, you can quote Jim Carrey,

If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?”.

□ Even there is no harm in accepting that in earlier examinations you made more mistakes & therefore couldn’t reach to the interview. (it does not mean that you were less competent, destiny also plays a role). But in last few years you rectified those mistakes & overcame them. It will make a good impression.

At last, don’t be afraid of anything. You just have to speak about your life (*no bookish answer shall be able to convince the interviewer~ only your inner-voice will!).

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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