What is the interview process at ALS IAS coaching Delhi for non-teaching posts?

What is the interview process at ALS IAS coaching Delhi for non-teaching posts?

The interview process at ALS IAS Delhi is exhaustive.

First of all you need to send your CV for a particular post. Let’s say “Counsellor”. If your CV gets shortlisted then you will be called to appear for an interview at ALS in Dr. Mukherjee Nagar centre.

Usually they shall call you to inform about interview in between 10-11 am & interview would be scheduled at either 2 or 3 pm.

For first round of interview you will have to go to the second floor.

When you will reach at the venue you will be provided with A-4 sheet in which you will have to write about yourself. Just mention positive traits of your personality in and around 80 words.
1st round of interview:

It will be taken by a ma’am. She will analyse each point in your CV & will ask you about it. So, if you want to clear this round you need to be prepared well on everything mentioned in the CV in detail.

She will take down notes which would be nothing but comments about you. The interview can go as long as 20-25 minutes. But she will make sure that you feel comfortable speaking (*which is an essential part of the interview process & is a must for fresher candidates).

After the interview you will be directed to take a seat outside & wait.

Then she will accompany you for the interview in the adjoining room (*probably in the time span you wait outside, she briefs about you to the Sir).

Sir will ask you to introduce yourself. Then after that he will ask few questions related to your CV & will switch to situation-based questions like- I have recently graduated with 3rd division & want to prepare for civil services. Convince me to join ALS, The fee is very high so why should I join ALS?, I’m an average student how the faculties will help me in the preparation process, etc.

Sir will be warm to you. He will not hesitate to share his experience or to refine your answer. He told that he also takes motivational sessions & is a presidential award holder. The interview will last for around 15 minutes.

After the interview, you will be asked to go out & wait outside. Ma’am & Sir will discuss about you & finally after few minutes ma’am will say that she will inform you about the result after a week.

2nd round of interview:

First of all you will be directed to meet the ma’am. She will take your CV, intro & comments page with her & will accompany you to the 3rd floor. On closer look you will find that comments page would be having more comments (this is because of your interview by Sir in 1st round).

In this round, a Sir who would be up in the hierarchy will take your interview. He will ask you to introduce yourself. He will not ask you any other question & will expect you to keep speaking. He won’t be warm & friendly to you. So, the interview won’t last for more than 10 minutes. He has the final say in your selection or rejection for the applied post.

Good Sign: 

> ALS documents the whole interview process (*except the 2nd round probably). Documentation of interview takes place in all the big & reputed companies.


> There are no name plates & hence you won’t get to know the name & designation of the person taking your interview.

> It might seem that as you move up in the hierarchy (as in most organisations) the creativity is not appreciated at ALS also. There seems to be a rigid hierarchical structure as one employee doesn’t meets another in a jovial manner.

> The person who takes your 2nd round of interview is unwelcoming & unfriendly (*a bit arrogant as the interviewer has to be very warm & has to appreciate that the interview is a 2-way communication process & interviewer is also expected to be equally interested in knowing the candidate which was completely missing).

> They don’t reveal the CTC for the post neither in the advertisement nor in the interview process  (*it is always better to keep the candidates informed about the salary).

> Ideally all rounds of interview should take place in a single day & it should not be extended to a future day.

> The repetitive nature of interview~ you will have to introduce yourself again & again (*which may turn you off).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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  1. Hello.. I have read most of your articles and almost in all you criticize or highlight negativity. Like ALS interview process, unacademy a failure, job opportunity after failing 2017 UPSC etc… Try to bring positivity , see the brighter part of things and keep balance between everything…

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