Proof that in times of “no growth” conservatism increases .

Proof that in times of “no growth” conservatism increases.

The world will become narrow & closed in absence of growth. Growth is essential to keep people on track. In case of no growth, the societies tend to be more conservative.

Family is a social institution. Let us understand the role of growth there. Suppose there is a 3-member family. The father, mother & son. The son is in mid-20s. He is still struggling to get a job. Now, the scenario that would be is, whenever he goes for an interview, the mother prays for him. He still didn’t gets the job. She may start to force him to eat curd before leaving for an interview  (*sign of omen).

Suppose he still fails to pass any interview.

His mother may turn even to witchcraft/animal sacrificing. The family will become more closed & will stop interacting with other families of the society.

When the “present models fail” people give up rationality & become more conservative giving way to “resurgence of old ideas”.

To know if a society is progressing or not, see whether it is becoming more liberal or conservative. Conservatism is a sign of inevitable downfall.

The basic premises is that the past was better than present so we need to go back to the past models.

Observe closely the regions in India that are deprived of growth & progress. There possibility of openness would be very less.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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