AAI ATC Interview 2017 experiences..

AAI ATC Interview 2017 experiences.

Interview Board: B2

Branch: ME

Q.1. Tell me about yourself?

Q.2. What do you know about ATC?

Q. 3. What do you know about AAI?

Q.4. What are hybrid cars?

Q.5. What is refrigeration? 

Q.6. Under which Ministry does AAI comes in?

Q.7. Why should we hire you?

Q.8. Name the various organisations that come under the MoCA?

Q.9. A direction test.

Interview Board : B 1

Q.1. Introduce yourself.

Q.2. When does the aircraft consume more fuel while taking off or in flying condition?

Q.3. Tell me something about Monsoon. Which Monsoon causes rain in India?

Q.4. What is Green House Effect?

Q.5. How do ATCs communicate with the pilots?

Q.6. Tell me about your family?

Q.7. What are you doing nowadays? 

Q.8. What are your ambitions in life?

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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