Proof that opportunities are immense.

Proof that opportunities are immense.

If you are preparing for govt. jobs then you would be aware of most of the competitive examinations. You also understand the eligibility criteria & the process of examination. You are also aware of the cut-offs. That’s all what is needed.

If you would notice, you will find out that still most websites do not clearly state the eligibility criteria or “who can apply”. It disappoints the candidates when they look at the official notifications & find themselves to be not eligible  (*though the blog summary stated that they do). It wastes their precious time.

So, if you could go through the original official notifications for various competitive examinations & summarise them in a blog post, your blog will be an instant success.

□ Add-ons:

The probability of success of your blog will enhance if you could write on:

~ Career

~ Scholarships

~ Current Affairs

~ Job opportunities

~ Future trends in Education sector

~ Future trends in Labour Market, etc.

□ Time Required:

You just need to spend 4-5 hours reading & summarising the official notifications.

□ Benefits:

~ good part-time passive income

~ your knowledge about opportunities @ govt. sector will increase immensely

~ you can later on work as Career Consultant

~ you can guide friends & acquaintances

~ you can open a training institute for guidance & training, etc.

Opportunities are immense ~ no matter in which industry you might be presently working in. Most of the times we fail to seize the opportunities owing to our careless & irresponsible attitude.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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