Is Aadhaar revolutionary?

Is Aadhaar revolutionary?

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□ Key features of Aadhaar: 

~ Aadhaar no. is unique random number (that’s why it is called Unique Identification, UID)

~ Aadhaar cannot be duplicated because it requires biometric details of the individual for enrolment (iris, photo & finger prints).

~ Online authentication is possible using the biometric of the individual

~ It is optional & not mandatory to have UID.

~ Aadhaar is only a proof of identity (not of address/domicile/citizenship)

□ Why is it revolutionary?

~ Formalisation: It has lead to formalisation as many marginalised & poor people who didn’t had any formal documents (ID) to open a bank account, have a passport, etc. have been provided with UID.

~ Plugging the leakage: Aadhaar has helped in plugging the leakage in subsidies like LPG & PDS. With time it can be extended to other subsidies & concessions so that it reaches to only the targeted & eligible candidates.

~ Elimination of bogus cards: The GoI’s move to make it mandatory to link PAN with Aadhaar will help in elimination of bogus PAN cards (which were used to convert/hide black money). Aadhaar can be used to validate other existing cards & thus will help in the elimination process of bogus cards.

~ Access to Information: for govt. it will mean that it can have access to information related to individuals swiftly across ministries & departments once Aadhaar is seeded with other govt. issued cards.

□ Concerns with Aadhaar: Privacy issue is paramount. What if the individual’s information are leaked or compromised with private corporations? 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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