Why teaching is a good career option for civil services aspirants?

Why teaching is a good career option for civil services aspirants?

Serious civil services aspirants should never be afraid of the results. They must only focus on learning as much as possible.

~ Even if a candidate fails to make it into CSE, he/she can still become a good teacher owing to his/her expertise in various subjects esp. optional.

~ The candidate can become a faculty at any premier coaching institute for civil services.

~ The option to work as a content-creator, MCQs creator or writing a book is open to serious civil services candidates.

Due to vast knowledge & understanding, a civil services aspirant can teach very well. He/she only needs to do Post Graduation & B. Ed. It just means an investment of 4 years. Life will again be on the path despite many failures. 

Just always keep in mind that “hardwork always pays off”. It never goes in pain. No matter how hard life may become, you can always live a better life by just being hardworking & sincere. So, focus on learning & enjoy the process.

P.S. Even after becoming a teacher/faculty/lecturer~ you can continue your preparation for civil services, if you want to.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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