Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups.

Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups.

Onge in A& N islands are PVTGs

~ Earlier called as Primitive Tribal Groups, was created as a sub-category within the Scheduled Tribes (STs) based on the Debhar Commission report.

□ What was the need of a sub-category? 

It was found that even within the STs there was vast inequality. There were communities which were very low in development indices. So, a further classification under STs was needed to promote development among these communities.

□ Criteria for PVTGs:

A community will be called PVTGs if it fulfils one of the below criteria:

~ Dependent on hunting & gathering (pre-agricultural system of existence)

~ Extremely low literacy

~ Population growth = zero or -ve.

Identification of PVTGs:

~ The State govt./UTs send proposal to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs & then the Ministry looks into it & once approved, the community is included in PVTGs.

□ Features of PVTGs:

~ physically isolated,

~ homogenous,

~ absence of written language,

~ low population

~ absence of technology, etc.

At present there are 75 tribes listed in PVTGs.


~ PVTGs are dependent directly on forest & the area under forest is decreasing,

~ environmental changes,

~ Changes in Forest Acts & laws

In 2008, the GoI launched a development scheme for PVTGs in which the states are provided with 100% funds from Central Govt.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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