Review of the SVC Co-operative Bank Exam 2017 for the post of Customer Service Representative.

Review of the SVC Co-operative Bank Exam 2017 for the post of Customer Service Representative (CSR).

Time alloted: 120 minutes

Exam Date: 9/April/2017

No. of Questions: 200

Sections: IV & each section consisted of 50 questions each.

The unique feature in all the sections was that of questions based on comprehension. They were long to read & required at least 10-12 minutes to solve them. 

Advantage: if you catch up the pattern/idea & you are able to solve the first question based on given information then reaching to correct answers to the attached 3-4 questions was easy. Ex. Arranging in heights (less than, greater than, shorter than, etc.), sitting pattern, English Comprehension, Reasoning Comprehension, Machine code, etc.

Disadvantage: if after reading & giving time over the comprehension you fail to get the “pattern”, you simply lose 10-12 minutes without any marks.

English: it was easy to medium. It was doable in & around 20 minutes.

Numerical Ability:  was easy to medium but was time-taking. To attempt maximum no. of questions, good speed was very crucial.

Reasoning: was very tough. The conventional types of questions were missing like verbal reasoning, sequence & series, etc.

Aptitude: medium to tough as most question required calculations.

Overall the paper was not not easy. It can be said to be in between medium to tough.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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