Role of education in family.

Role of education in family.

Role of education cannot be undermined at any stage of life & in any organisation. Family is a social institution & education is a must for all members of the family.

□ Education leads to Progress.

Suppose there are two family A & B. For the purpose of simplicity let’s assume that the members of both the family are Father, Mother, Son & Daughter.

In  A:

The father & mother are uneducated. The Son is educated & is earning substantial. Daughter was not given adequate opportunities to study.

In B: 

Father was educated & has recently retired from a govt. job & his pension is substantial. He didn’t saved much money in his whole life & spent it on the education of the Son & Daughter.

Son is now working & earns very well.

~ Future Possibilities:

~ In B: Father & Son save money to buy assets jointly. The family prospers. Daughter also started small business with the help of her Husband, Father & Brother. So, financially the whole family has emerged very strong.

~ In A: Daughter is a homemaker & Son is working hard to meet his aspirations & also support his Father & Mother.

The advantage of Education is that it can be put to work to meet one’s aspirations at any point of time. It works as an enabler to fulfill one’s dreams.

□ Education of Next Generation.

Educated generation ensures the education of Next Generation. Hence, it leads to progress & prosperity. Educated people realise the worth of education & know the role of education in their life.


~ Ensuring the transmission of education from one generation to another

~ Facilitation of an enabling environment where growth is possible for all the members of the family

~ Prosperity & financial stability

~ Many long-term benefits like establishing home-based businesses, online businesses, home-tutoring, etc.

~ Assistance to child in Education

~ Right Guidance & Counselling

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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