The legacy of Survey of India.

The legacy of Survey of India.

Old logo of Survey of India~ wiki

Survey of India headquartered at Dehradun is one of the oldest scientific establishments of India. It was established in 1767 (how to remember? 10 years after Battle of Plassey).

Survey of India, therefore, is an institution with 250 years of legacy. 

What was the need for Survey of India?

It was felt by British East India Company that it needed to carry out the mapping & survey of Indian Subcontinent in order to:

~ collect more revenues

~ have advantage in military expeditions

□ The Great Trigonometric Survey

The famous project undertaken by Survey of India was Great Trigonometric Survey which started in 1802 with the aim to map the entire Indian Subcontinent in a scientific manner. It was started by Col. William Lambton. 

The exercise went for more than 4 decades. And it is estimated that the no. of people died in the project was greater than the World War I & II combined.

It led to precisely measuring the heights of Mt. Everest, K2 & Kunchenjunga.

It must be further noted that before this Survey Alps was believed to be the highest peak in the world. It was after this Survey that the world got to known about the Mt. Everest (named after George Everest) as the highest mountain peak in the world.

□ Survey of India

~ oldest scientific department of the GoI

~ works under DST

~ it is the National Survey & Mapping Organisation of the country

~ maps released by it are of two types: restricted & unrestricted. Restricted maps are used in Defence & can be issued to general public only after prior approvals. The unrestricted maps are accessible to all citizens.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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