Excellent opportunity @ RGNIYD, an Institute of National Importance.

Excellent opportunity @ RGNIYD an Institute of National Importance.

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of National Importance is an INI under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, GoI.

It offers the Post Graduate programmes:

~ M.Sc. Counselling Psychology

~ M.A. Development Policy & Practice

~ M.A. Gender Studies

~ M.A. Local Governance & Development

~ M.A. Social Innovations & Entrepreneurship

~ M.A. Social Work (Youth & Community Development)

If you wish to go for post graduation then I have an inclination towards MSW (Master in Social Work)/ M.A. Social Work (Youth & Community Development). Let me support my stand with points given below:

~ You can make a career in PSBs (Public Sector Banks) as Specialist Officers  (SOs).

~ You can apply in State PSC & UPSC for specialised posts which require MSW.

~ Your specialisation is Community Development which requires intensive travelling & working with communities. It opens up career opportunities in NGOs & INGOs.

~ MSW also offers you an opportunity to work in Corporate Sector in Public Relationship Department.

Why it is an excellent opportunity?

~ The fee is inexpensive & easily affordable & hence in no case it will serve as a liability to you. It can only be an asset.

Source: RGNIYD

~ RGNIYD is located in TN so majority of it’s students are from South India. It’s a great opportunity for North Indians because “English can only be a mode of communication” there so your English will improve over time being there.

~ To get an admission in RGNIYD is easy. It is based on merit in Graduation. No written examination. No interview.

See the cut-offs below:

~ RGNIYD provides scholarship of 6000 INR per semester for the 1st & 2nd ranked in the course. Good news for civil services aspirants ; )

You are informed about the counselling/spot admission via e-mail.

The problem faced by most civil services aspirants is that of food & accommodation. You can overcome the same by joining this institution.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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