Life lessons from IIM-N.

Life lessons from IIM-N.

□ Context:

The placement scenario of the first PGP of IIM- Nagpur (2015-17) has been only close to 50%.

IIM-N is mentored by the best IIM of the country, IIM-A.

Given the dim placements @ IIM-N, should GoI stop opening new institutions of excellence?

The clever answer is No. There is no denying to the fact that we need more institutions which could cater to the needs of the graduates & those in the workforce.

~ It is just a matter of time:

IIM-N doesn’t has the alumni base. Nor does it has all the modern facilities & infrastructure that other IIMs possess. This doesn’t means that we should stop venturing into establishing new institutions. Undoubtedly, with the best resources provided by the GoI, with time, IIM- N will also be on par with other IIMs.

{Same is true for all of us. Success is just a matter of time. We should not stop ourselves from taking up new projects & challenges in life.}

~ Entrepreneurship.

Youth of India suffers more from under employment than unemployment. This is often visible in the placements of the professional institutions.

So, the only way ahead to overcome under employment & unemployment is by encouraging the youths to take up entrepreneurship & facilitate them with right information, training, skill & mentorship.

~ Preparing for UPSC/State PSC or any other competitive exams doesn’t solves the problem  (usually only the coaching centres get benefitted)

~ Preparing for the job interview, applying for interns, reaching out to HRs, etc. is a temporary solution as it does not leads to creation of new jobs.

Hence, we should respond seriously to the issue of unemployment & under employment by taking up entrepreneurship. The journey will be tough but in the long run it will be worth the efforts.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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