Why you shouldn’t read WA forwards?

Why you shouldn’t read WA forwards?

WhatsApp messages are highly doctored to shape opinions of the masses. They are written in a manner to serve vested interests.

Factually incorrect: there is no factual backing in the contents forwarded. They are vague & the intention is to divide people.

∆ Language used: is regional language. In most cases it is in Hindi. It allows the message to spread like fire. Hence, the purpose is served.

 Jokes & Memes: are used to create heros and villains out of real-life happenings. The agenda is to uplift or enhance the image of someone. Since, memes are funny & entertaining so their chances of going viral are high.

∆ Videos: videos with highly skewed opinions go viral or are circulated in WA groups.

~ If you read or watch all the message/video forwards in WA then you waste your precious time on useless things

~ Messages are circulated in the name of humanity & appeals are made to share as much as possible. How often do you encounter a good person in real life? How often you see cooperation in real life among masses?

Then why trust “an information that emanates from unknown sources & are written by no intellectuals”?

~ Life will be easy when you see everything in balanced light.

Save your time & energy. Don’t let it go on useless debates.

If you really want to enrich your knowledge base then many good books are already available in the market.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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