Interview process at Dhyeya IAS coaching for the post of Counsellor.

Interview process at Dhyeya IAS coaching for the post of Counsellor.

Pre-requisites: Candidate must have exceptional communication skills & thorough knowledge about the UPSC CSE exam procedure.

First of all you have to send your CV & once it is received, you will get an e-mail regarding the confirmation of the same. If your CV gets shortlisted, you will be called to appear for an interview at Dhyeya IAS, Administrative Building, Mukherjee Nagar.

1st stage of Interview: it will be taken by Neeraj Sir. He is very warm & humble. He will first tell you about your job role & what the organisation expects from you. He will ask maximum questions from your CV. He will write comments about you on CV. 

If he is satisfied with your suitability for thr post, you will be called for the next round of interview by Q.H. Khan Sir who is the Co-founder & MD at Dhyeya IAS.

2nd stage of Interview: this interview will be very elaborate. Q.H. Khan Sir will ask you about your Hometown, School, College, Graduation, etc. The questions will be very general.

Then he will ask you about each​ point mentioned by you in the CV. He shows great interest in the candidate & tries to familiarise with the candidate. He ensures that you feel comfortable in his presence. He is very soft spoken. At no point in interview you will feel if he is taking an interview.

The work culture at Dhyeya IAS is very pleasing. Employees are at ease in communicating with other employees. It seemed hierarchy in the organisation is not very rigid as communication from top to bottom & vice-versa was very smooth & fast.

CTC: you can expect around 3LPA plus food & accommodation.

Salary Negotiation: they take is very seriously so “whatever you expect”, you should speak it out.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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