Review of SBI PO (pre) 2017.

Review of SBI PO (pre) 2017.

Exam Date: 30/April/2017

Shift: 4th

Timing: 4: 30 to 5: 30 pm

The exam comprised of 3 sections:

I. English (30 Questions)

This section had one comprehension on cyber security which was followed by 10 questions, 10 questions on spotting errors & the remaining 10 questions were replacing the underlined words with suitable words.

English was easy as compared to other two sections.

II. Reasoning (35 questions)

Most questions of reasoning were based on comprehension. So, there was high likelihood that you might get stuck in solving them & hence waste your 10-12 minutes without gaining any marks.

Overall considering the time shortage, reasoning was hard.

III. Numerical Ability (35 questions)

There were 5-6 questions on simplification which were easy. Comprehension on chart was also easy.

So, overall this section was easy to normal.

P.S. one has to clear individual cut offs in each section as well as overall cut off. So, one has to cleverly divide 1 hour for 3 sections.

Overall the exam was medium to tough. 50+ correct questions would be a good attempt & one can hope for writing the mains.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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