Pros & cons of being a ATC at AAI.

Pros & cons of being a ATC at AAI.


– Handsome salary (greater than the entry-level executives in AAI in CNS, Operations, etc.)

– Job security as in any other PSU

– Swift promotions

– No carrying of work after the job. So, nothing like end of financial year rush (*found in most govt. offices & in private sector). All time after the job is yours, 100 percent

– No deadlines to be met

– No public dealing (* human beings are hard to manage due to their unpredictable behaviour)

Biggest Advantage: Suppose you had a morning shift today, then tomorrow it will be the evening shift & the next day it would be night shift followed by offs.

Observe carefully, you will find that “time available to you increases” from morning to night shift. In morning shift, you will be free after 1:30 pm. You are free in the evening. Then you can also wake up till late at the night because next day you have the evening shift from 1: 30 pm.

After returning from evening shift, it will be best to have dinner & sleep early. So, even if you wake up at 6 am in morning, you will still have at least 12 hours for yourself because the night shift will be from 7:30 pm.


– Holidays are random as per the roaster unlike in IT Sector where it is off on weekends

– You cannot squeeze out specific time for anything in your life for yourself (suppose you want to go to the gym/morning walk at morning 5 am or for some classes in evening at 5 pm/6 pm, it is not possible because of Morning/Evening/Night shift)

– Your scheduled time of work will dictate when you should sleep, eat & wake up.

– If you are a typical person who loves 9-5 job, then, you may not love this job.

– No holidays as such at Holi/Diwali/E-id/Christmas, etc.

– If you are young, you will miss out the marriages of your college batchmates

✓ AAI ATC is best suited for people who loathe 9-5 jobs.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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