Guide to preparing for UPSC CSE from 1st year of graduation. 

Guide to preparing for UPSC CSE from 1st year of graduation.

You should start your preparation light. For achieving this,  it is better to begin with interesting videos available over YouTube. 

# Prof. Vinay Lal videos

Must watch videos. He teaches History at UCLA so his lectures are easy to understand as “the audience mainly comprises of folks not associated to India”. 
Make sure to watch:

-History of British India

-Moral & Political thought of Mahatama Gandhi

-India after Independence

-History of Indian Civilization

– Poltical & Cultural History of Contemporary India

Almost basics of Ancient, Medieval & Modern History is covered. 

# Samvidhaan video series. 

There are 10 Episodes on making of Indian Constitution. Must watch for you as it will generate interest in polity. It also covers major issues @ Indian Constitution. 

For Indian Society tune to videos by “CEC UGC”. 

You can also watch 100s of videos on History, Sociology, Geography, Political Science, Economics, etc. 

The quality of videos is great as they are by Asst./Assoc./Prof. from top universities & institutions. 

It will take whole year to watch all of the above videos. You can also make short-notes from them too or can take screenshots where ever necessary. 

From 2nd year,  you can start reading the standard books.  You will not find any difficulty in understanding anything. 

Why the above approach? 

– will help you immensely in mains & interview

– to inculcate interest in the subject. Once you start loving the subject, hunger to know more will increase & hence making your task easy. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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