How to contact anyone @ Airports Authority of India? 

How to contact anyone @ Airports Authority of India?

Since the official website: is not regularly updated esp. the contact details of executives in different departments of the AAI. 

So, many a times, there will be a mismatch in designation, telephone no. & the department due to frequent transfers (in 2-3 years) of the executives in key/influential positions (as per the guidelines of the CVC). 

A better way is to dial the Exchange no. of AAI which is 011- 24632950

(i) And then type the extension no. 

(ii) if you don’t know the extension no. of the executive then wait for the operator to pick up & ask him/her to connect with- Executive Name (if known), Designation &  Department. 

You will be directed to the concerned executive. 

P. S. 1. if you send a mail then do follow up with the concerned executive ASAP because “he/she may overlook it” due to large no. of mails received. 

P. S. 2. many times, your may not get delivered due “the recipient’s mailbox is full”.

In this case, you can send mail only when the recipient deletes the mails from his mailbox. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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