Don’t ignore conventional wisdom. 

Don’t ignore conventional wisdom. 

“I know a girl personally, she was the eldest in the family & her family struggled terribly financially (*due to demise of her father very early). 
She wanted to have a job, anyhow, as early as possible & by incurring less expenses. So, she didn’t opted for any professional course (*though she was very good in studies). She went for simple graduation & then did her B. Ed. 
Now, she is a Govt. Junior HS teacher. Happily married with her Govt. Junior HS colleague.”

Moral of the story : Don’t ignore Conventional Wisdom

The purpose of this true story is to remind that:

¬ You can still make BIG in life without going for any professional courses

¬ You never reach a dead end in life. There is always a way out to fulfill your dreams

¬ It’s good to be advanced & modernised but “you must pay adequate attention to the conventional wisdom too”

¬ Maintain a balance between the wisdom of the past & modern

¬ Believe in your dreams no matter what your present or past might be

¬ Life is very BIG, so keep the hopes alive & be patient because “life will give you numerous chances” 

And live a happy life, don’t be saddened by your present or past because you hold the power to change your future. Things can be exactly as dreamed by if you keep working hard with focus. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav 


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