For UPSC aspirants: when to take the giant step? 

For UPSC aspirants: when to take the giant step?

#After “first job”. 

Just take any govt. desk job (could be of 10+2 or Graduate-level) for financial independence, financial stability, to reduce risk factors associated with UPSC & to take care of your responsibilities towards your family.


Go wild & take the giant leap i. e. UPSC CSE. Focus only on UPSC & nothing else. 

Don’t take incremental steps, no need for first being, a Clerk in PSB then PO in PSB then in posts of SSC-CGL followed by serving in State civil services & finally cracking UPSC CSE. 

Why this approach? 

¬ the earlier you crack UPSC, the better it will be. 

¬ if you crack at an early age then you can, by the near-end of your career, you can reach to top positions in bureaucracy. 

¬ you will “live your dreams for more years”

¬ focused preparation assures success in competitive exams & UPSC CSE, like any other competitive exams demands the same. 

P. S. 1. Going step-by-step after 1st job is being too much risk-averse. 

P. S. 2. Take some risk & fly high.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav 


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