2 Best YouTube channels for Bank PO preparation. 

2 Best YouTube channels for Bank PO preparation. 

Just search out these 2 YouTube channels & use them religiously & you will surely be able to crack Bank PO exams. You do not need to refer to any other resource. And let me assure you that “the quality of the videos is best & many coaching centres don’t match up to this quality”. Above all, videos are available for free & hence builds the gap between those who case afford expensive coaching classes & those who cannot.

#1. Adda247

The best YouTube resource available for Bank PO is “Adda247”. You can find videos by different faculties on the following:

Reasoning (SBI PO- pre & mains) 


GS (for SSC) 

GA (for SBI PO) 

Quantitative Aptitude (for SSC) 

Computer Awareness

> Reasoning & Puzzle is extremely good @ Adda247. 

#2. Amar Sir” Math Dikhta Hai”

Mathematics videos by Amar Sir are very insightful. After watching his videos you will be able to easily understand why he repeatedly says “Math Dikhta Hai”. 

You can watch his videos with huge trust that it will benefit you without fail.

P. S. 1. “The quality of videos by Adda247 are “awesome” & better than that of Mahendra’s (*as Adda247 team is dynamic & new videos added are in tune with the questions asked in the examinations). 

P. S. 2. Let me reiterate that “the quality of videos on these channels is better than majority of the coaching centres”. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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