A new perspective on success. 

A new perspective on success. 

With the rise of Capitalism & subsequent failure of Socialism (*disintegration of USSR in early 90s), our lives are increasingly being governed by the market forces. 
The Law of Demand & Supply governs how much salary we shall receive. If for a given post more “candidates apply” then “the best is chosen”. But who decides your salary? It is not the candidates. It largely depends upon the employer. Employer pegs the worth of your time (*office hours) & it is based on the standard market rates.

As long as you are governed by the market forces, you are not free. You will end up being a mediocre & an average. Moreover, you might be subjected to exploitation as well.

To be more than an average, you have to come out from the entangles of the market forces. For that:

¬ you have to peg your worth. Let’s say 35 LPA. After that, you have to work on skills, knowledge & competencies that are required to earn that much. With more money, you will have a greater degree of freedom. Once money starts to make a way in your life, you just have to make right investments.

¬ you have to create an economical system for yourself. It could be a small business (*but it can be scaled in near-future but such possibilities are not available to you if you are an employee).

In today’s time, success could mean being not run by the forces of market.

With Great Love, 
Er. Amit Yadav



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