What good did private sector do to India- probably you are unaware of? 

What good did private sector do to India- probably you are unaware of? 

Yes, there may be many concerning issues related to private sector like more work less wages, no or little job security, monday blues, increased inequality in the society,  etc. but it has done more good than you can imagine :

#Attack on caste system: the company has to remain competitive so it cannot compromise with the quality of its human resources. So, irrespective of caste, everyone was open to apply for the job opportunities in private sector (*only condition was to meet the eligibility criteria) . There is no discrimination based on the caste. So, with time, it helped in uplifting all castes. 

# Economic Prosperity: it brought economic prosperity to all sections of the society. It has added significantly to the GDP.

# Better Service: due to stiff competition in the market, the customers have become the new king. They are treated well else they switch to other service providers. 

# New Opportunities for Young: private sector has emerged as an alternative to govt. sector. Earlier, before liberalisation in early 90s, the only option was the govt. sector. The recruitment process in private sector is fair & just (*reference & connection is different from corruption, nepotism & favouritism). 

Govt. sector still ails with corruption, nepotism & favouritism especially the higher education & research. Now & then there are reports about the paper leaks, involvement of paper-mafia, etc. Needless to say, many cases go unreported & don’t come in the mainstream media due to lack of evidences (*lack of evidences doesn’t proves that the recruitment process was fair). 

# More Freedom to Women: for the first time, the women from middle & lower class could step out of their doorstep to pursue dignified jobs. They became financially free & thus later wielded the power to make important decisions in their lives & no longer had to depend on others. 

But all this, has come with a price like increase in divorce cases, emergence of nuclear families, money-driven society instead of value-based society, commercialisation of education, etc. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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