Why there is faculty crunch in India? 

Why there is faculty crunch in India? 

One of the biggest reason is nepotism. There is no dearth of talent in India. The only fact that remains is that the system is not just & fair.

Manipulation in interviews: after a candidate has cleared the UGC-NET test for lecturership, he/she is eligible to apply for the posts of Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Indian Universities. The sad reality is “clearing the UGC-NET is not sufficient”. One has to undergo a walk-in conducted by the university. In walk-in, all evil forces are at play like nepotism, favouritism & corruption. Usually, the chairman of the board decades whom to select. It is on the whims & the fancies of the chairman to select a candidate. There is no checks & balances on recruitment of Assistant Professors (*not even in autonomous institutions). So, candidates are even pre-determined before the conduction of the walk-in. 

This is the reason why universities are still under-represented by the SCs, STs & OBCs (*because very few of them are at top positions in universities). 

Contractual Appointment: as per UGC, contractual appointment should be carried out only when it is a necessity. It is now used as a tool to appoint “undeserving candidates” who don’t fulfil the eligibility criteria & later make them a regular faculty. 

Even if the selection criteria is just & fair, the salaries are very low & would fail to attract a deserving candidate. 

Private Institutes/Colleges/Universities: offer better pays & perks, so, even deserving candidates are moving from govt. to private. Private educational sector also offers better opportunities in terms of research & autonomy to individual faculties.

The way ahead: creation of IES (Indian Education Services) on the lines of IAS, IPS, etc. could help. It will retain the best of the best talents in teaching. It will reduce nepotism & favouritism & will weed out corruption.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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