Why you should document your failures in competitive exams? 

Why you should document your failures in competitive exams? 

It will be very useful “in uplifting your image” once you qualify any competitive exams like UPSC or State PSCs.
You must document all you efforts & failures, only it can give a fair idea of “what it takes to succeed in life”. 

¬ you can track your progress & improvement

¬ it will help in building “your strong online presence” as people believe in stories (*& then why not your story?) 

¬ you will be able to manage your failures easily (as the more you fail “the more inspiring your story will be) 

¬ you can prove that your “1000s of intial failures does not matter” as your just 1 success hides them

¬ failing is an unfair advantage to you. The more you fail, the more you learn in life. Documenting your failures will remind you of all the lessons you learned along your journey to succeed

¬ everyone is documenting success, so, writing about your failures & believing that you will overcome all your shortcoming  could be more innovative & beneficial to you

#Revolutionise the world: 

You can publish a revolutionary book on your failures & the lessons learned. As the timeless wisdom goes “fail early & fail often” & don’t forget to document so that you have a STORY TO SHARE. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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