Big Data & the new challenges that looms us. 

Big Data & the new challenges that looms us.

The data collection in the digital world is of enormous scale. Your every activity in the digital world is recorded. What you search on interest, products or services you avail online, what you do on Social networks, etc. 
So, the primary issue is of the “privacy of people”. 

Why Big Data? 

> Corporates collect data from various sources to provide customised & improved products or services to customers. 

> It also helps companies in better targeting the customers in the market. Like someone browsing books on science fiction on Amazon is more likely to buy it than others. 

> Predictive analytics could be performed & it can help in the diagnosis of diseases earlier, avoiding & detecting crimes, etc. 

Threats involved: 

> bidding of stored data by corporations to other companies or nations. 

> most corporations involved in collection of huge amount of data are based in developed countries. 

> privacy of people is also a major concern. 

> Usage of collected data in elections will erode the spirit of democracy. 

What India can do? 

Establishing big data centres in India with the help of big corporations by providing incentives like cheap power, land, bandwidth, etc. & thus retaining the unprocessed data collected in India within India. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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