What are the benefits of Neem-coated Urea (NCU)? 

What are the benefits of Neem-coated Urea (NCU)? 

The GoI has mandated neem coating of urea. The urea was subsidised for agriculture use but it was being diverted to non-agricultural purposes. This lead to shortage of urea.

¬ introduction of NCU reduced the shortage urea because it became impossible to use it for non-agricultural purposes

¬ Import of Urea: large quantity of urea used to be imported due to shortage of urea (mainly due to its use for non-agricultural purposes). NCU has lowered the imports of urea. 

¬ Environment friendly: nitrogen absorption due to NCU by crop increases, so, there is very less wastage of nitrogen. And hence, reduced underground water pollution due to use of urea. NCU has facilitated less use of urea & thereby making the soil healthy for a longer period of time. NCU is environment friendly. 

¬ it reduces the burden on farmers to buy more urea

¬ it also promotes better yield of crops

P. S. as of now, 100% of neem coating of indigenous & imported urea has been achieved.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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