Booklist for AAI ATC written examination.

Booklist for AAI ATC written examination.

Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in Airports Authority of India (AAI) is a very prestigious job & thousands of candidates apply for few hundred seats.

Given below is the booklist for the written examination.

Part A consists of Physics & Mathematics. Total 60 questions.

I. Physics

1/4 percent of the paper would be Physics so it cannot be ignored while preparing for AAI ATC written examination.

For Physics, you can buy Engineering Physics Vol I & Vol II by B K Pandey & S Chaurvedi.

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Engineering Physics is a bit difficult to grasp in one-go, so have patience & re-read if you find it difficult to understand. Solve only given examples. It will be sufficient for the AAI exam.
For XI & XII class Physics portion, you can read selective topics (like de-broglie wavelength, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, etc.) from any book (prefer the one which you had read in XI & XII class).

II. Mathematics

Mathemstics forms 1/4 percent of the paper (30 Questions). Hence, one must prepare it well.

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For Mathematics you can buy Engineering Mathematics by N P Bali (for I, II & III semester). Be very selective & stick to the syllabus. Solve only the examples given in the book (& if time permits, just re-solve them again).

Do not buy H K Das because it is very bulky.

Part B: English, Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning

Questions of this part do not need any specialised book reading/practice. The level of questions are very moderate. You just have to take care of time. 60 Questions will be from this part so do not ignore it completely.

Time needed: 3 months time is sufficient for preparation.

Note: AAI has done away with the interviews for the post of JE ATC. So, cut offs will increase. 90-95 out of 120 would be a very safe score for GN candidates. So, target for at least 90/120.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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