Why there will be more migration from North to South India?

Why there will be more migration from North to South India?

The migration of people from North to South is already visible. More of this trend will be visible in near future because:
1. TFR is declining in South.

Total Fertility Rate (TFR) for States in South India has declined i.e. number of children per mother is less in South as compared to the North.

Decline in TFR means that there will be reduction in youth population in proportion to the old. So, in South, the working population will be less as compared to the South.

2. Demographic Dividend.

TFR is more in North Indian States like Bihar, UP, MP, Rajasthan, etc. So, working population will be more here. Hence, there will be migration from North to South, where working population will be less.

The Impact:

1. Society will undergo a change due to influx of migrants from North to a culturally & linguistically different States of South.

2. The Southern States will have to take care of the locals as well as the migrants. This needs greater cooperation between States.

3. Challenges will be more on administrative front in Health, Housing, Infrastructure for accommodating the new migrants.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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