The unquestionable greatness of Mahatma Gandhi. 

The unquestionable greatness of Mahatma Gandhi. 

The unique thing about Mahatma Gandhi Ji, the Father of Nation, was his ability to take the freedom movement to the masses. 

Though the contribution of revolutionary leaders cannot be ignored but they failed to achieve mass appeal & especially the participation from the peasants.

In any struggle for freedom, it is very difficult to garner support from the masses & more so if the method of struggle is violent. 

It is hard to imagine masses sacrificing their lives for any cause (that’s why the revolutionary leaders need to be respected to the utmost). So, it is always hard to achieve any goal via violent methods because it will fail to achieve mass appeal.

But Gandhi Ji, devised a method of Ahimsa & Satyagraha in which all could participate without the need to lay down their life. 

Also, not all sections of the society in pre-independence phase were against British Rule. Many benefitted out of it & wanted the continuation of the British Rule in India. 

Hence, the role of Gandhi Ji in Freedom Movement cannot be ignored. His methods allowed the participation of the masses. 

The violent movement could have always been easily crushed by the Britishers.

The tactics used by Gandhi Ji may seem to be “uncool” to youngsters but to the core the ideas are noble & still work in real life. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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