Why there exists downward mobility of landed castes? 

Why there exists downward mobility of landed castes? 

(this article in not important for UPSC point of view but essential for making better decisions in life) 
In the recent light of Jats agitations in Haryana, Patels in Gujarat & Kapus in Andhra Pradesh, for reservation in OBC quota, raises an important question: why there is downward mobility in landed – castes such as above? 

– Inter-generational land division : the Inter-generational land holding sub-division has rendered the present generation with small land holdings. It no longer serves the same purpose substantial income & decent standard of living. 

– Agricultural Distress: Agriculture is no longer profitable until & unless one has a large land-holding. The efforts by the govt. to increase yield productivity has not met with great success. There are many other problems also like dependence on Monsoon, untimely rainfall, market dynamics, etc.

So, agriculture sector is no longer rewarding & worth the efforts. 

Hence, landed castes witness a downward mobility as their source of income (which chiefly depends on agriculture) is shrinking due to land-division. 

The only way ahead is to complement agriculture with Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, etc. VLE (Villages-Level Entrepreneurship) needs to be encouraged. The people in agriculture need to shift to other sectors of the economy by upgrading their skills & knowledge enhancement.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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