What are the views of Marx on religion? 

What are the views of Marx on religion? 

Marx believed that the social changes take place due to material conditions of life.

The resources are scarce so man’s survival is dependent on “what he can produce”. Production is vital for man’s survival. 

Society came into being to produce more collectively. Collectively, we can produce more than just a man in isolation. 

Society would be perfect if needs of all its members are met. But perfect society needs a perfect mode of production. In reality, modes of production are defective. So, the needs of all the members are not met.

Marx called “religion as the opium of the masses” because it results from the unsatisfied members of the society which is due to the defective mode of production.

Religion will cease to exist once “all the members of the society have met their needs” which seems impossible in present capitalistic world. Growing economic disparities have let people maintain the religion.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav 



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