Why social fabric is in danger in developing countries? 

Why social fabric is in danger in developing countries? 

With the rise of market economy in developing countries {which were not underdeveloped traditionally (it was the result of the colonialism) unlike the West which was traditionally underdeveloped}, their moral strength is at risk
The market societies place “self-interest” above everything else so no permanent bonds of loyalty or commitment to any great idea is possible. 

What will be visible in near future in developing countries :

~ high divorce rates : institution of marriage is also used as a tool to serve each other’s self-interest & there is no life long commitment.

~ Every action is performed to meet one’s self-interest. So, it will lead to weakening of social fabric. 

~ Neglect of human values. So, people are purely judged on how they dress, their capacity to consume, etc. 

~ People becomes the means instead of ends. They are treated on the basis of “their utility”. Hidden exploitation takes over the forces of common good.

~ Competition takes over & weakens the spirit of communitarianism. 

~ Material welfare takes place at the expense of morality. 

~ In order to maximise profits, relationship, love, devotion, friendship, etc. become secondary. Primary focus is on seeking money & power.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav



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