How to prepare yourself for the demographic disaster? 

How to prepare yourself for the demographic disaster? 

There are very high chances that India is going to miss its demographic dividend in near future. The main reasons being :
~ Skill : only 2% of the population is skilled. We need skilled human resource to reap the benefits of demographic dividend. 

~ Health : around 50% of the population is malnutritioned. 

~ Agriculture & allied sector: more than 50% of workforce is in agriculture & allied sector which is becoming unprofitable in India’s scenario. Young people are willing to take up any opportunity besides in agriculture. So, sharp influx of people from agriculture & allied sector to other sectors of the economy. 

~ Jobless growth : the growth rate that you come across when you tune to TV is jobless. That is, economy is growing at a faster rate but not significant number of jobs are being created. Govts push to manufacturing sector to create labour-intensive jobs (Make in India), Skill India & Digital India, and initiatives to export labour in gulf countries is an indication to this. So, employment crisis is REAL. Jobless growth is a REALITY. 

What is needed? 

Structural reforms are needed in all sectors of the economy. It will take a long time. 
– Two-third of the people above poverty line slip into poverty after facing one major health emergency. So, affordable health care is a necessity. 

– Young entrepreneurs are needed in large numbers. To grow young into entrepreneurs, a shift in education policy is required. 

– Providing social infrastructure for human resources development & using technology to empower common people to utilise them to cope up with future challenges.


No quick-fix will work. 


– when over 80% of the population is dissatisfied, it topples the government. So, it may lead to a rebellion/unstable governments at the central level. 

– extreme competition for petty-jobs & not-so-good opportunities.

– increase in crime rates, theft, murder, etc.  & rise of notoriety in the society in the form of anti-social elements 

What you should do? 

Work/study/learn/acquire knowledge & skills/re-skill yourself 24*7.

There is no time to rest, if you want to be on the safer side in near future.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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