Should youngs be encouraged to take UPSC CSE? 

Should youngs be encouraged to take UPSC CSE? 

Two things work in your favour if you are young :

1. Age is an asset: if you are young, you can afford to fail. This liberty is not available to you as you inch towards late 20s. Major failures in your life (be it in relationships, career, etc.) should be in early 20s. When we are young, we cope up with failures with ease as virtually nothing is at stake (no children). So, one can only GAIN. So, one must prepare for UPSC if one is young. 

2. Learning Curve + Adaptability: when we are young, we can adapt to our needs very quickly. It is easy to change things when we are young. As we grow older, we tend to mould as per the society. So, it is very easy only in early life that we can venture out to something impossible (as some call the task of clearing UPSC to be impossible). It gets harder with each passing day. 

If you cannot convince yourself or your family for going for UPSC when you are in early 20s then it is next to impossible in late 20s because at that time risk involved would be higher. 

Plus, recall when did you learned the most? When you prepared for something, right? Be it for AIIMS/AIPMT, IIT, IIM, NEFT, or any other competitive examination. 

So, learning curve would be optimum if you prepare for UPSC. 

The utility of what I learned when I used to prepare for IITs is very less (like I can open a coaching centre or create an App for preparation for IIT entrance examination after brushing up IIT syllabus) but the utility of UPSC preparation is TREMENDOUS.

One can use it in daily life. From using public utilities to knowing whom to contact when you are in trouble. 

What if you fail? 

Failures are inevitable in life. So, why one should be afraid of them? Failures are magical. The candidates with very bad academics & with no past success come up with shining colours in UPSC CSE because “they have insatiable desire to clear UPSC owing to no success in life”. For them clearing UPSC CSE equates to success. 

# Miscellaneous :

– India has a democracy but lacks in active participation from its citizenry. For active participation from citizens, knowledge of Indian polity is desirable.

Govt. Schemes : after reading about govt. schemes, one becomes mature enough to gauge at new schemes by the govt & to take benefits from them. One also becomes capable to demand from government which is beneficial for vibrant democracy. The demands that comes from majority, cannot be ignored for long in democracy. 

Better informed : after reading & understanding the topics of UPSC syllabus, one can take better decisions in life. What our children will inherit from us beyond material gains? Its information that we will accumulate after reading & comprehending so many books. So, even our next generation will get benefitted from our knowledge. 

Getting swayed away : One gets to know that ideologies are half-truth & may have vested interests. They mainly ride on emotions. So, it is very difficult to make fool of a person who has read lots of books by simply propagating any ideology.

Benefits are numerous irrespective of one gets success or failure in UPSC CSE. So, everyone must venture out into it, if possible. 

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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