Why breastfeeding is being promoted? 

Why breastfeeding is being promoted? 

Contrary to the belief, breastfeeding is still not adequately practiced as it should be. As per NFHS-4 (National Family Health Survey) it is only 54% (this is after breastfeeding has seen upward trend & it has nearly doubled since last decade). 

1-7th August, every year is celebrated as World Breastfeeding Week

In India, MAA (Mothers Absolute Affection) programme was launched in 2016 to create awareness about breastfeeding & its benefits. 

Newborn must be breastfed within 1 hour after being born & it should be continued at least till the completion of 6 months (till this time even water or any other thing is needed to be fed to the child). 

Why Breastfeeding? 

~ natural & cost-effective to fight malnutrition 

~ free of contamination

~ it leads to psychological interaction between child & mother & hence leads to development of brain

~ breastfeeding within an hour can prevent 20% of the neonatal deaths

~ breastfed children are at lower risk to getting affected by diarrhea /pneumonia (which are leading causes for death of under 5 infant). 

~ breastfeeding has tremendous impact on improved IQ.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav 



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